Our Clients

The Racial Equity Action Lab is honored to have worked with clients big and small across the private, non-profit, and public sectors. They include:

  • Washington State Department of Commerce

    • Housing Assistance Unit

    • Office of Homeless Youth

  • Seattle Public Library

  • Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

  • IBM

  • Neighborhood House

  • Associated Ministries

  • Pierce County Continuum of Care

  • Building Changes

  • Catholic Community Services

  • Barraza Law, PLLC

  • Pierce County AIDS Foundation

  • The REACH Center

  • SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training Fund

  • Seattle Jobs Initiative

  • HealthierHere

  • Arms Around You

  • Washington Physicians Health Program

Testimonials & Client Feedback

  • "This was such an amazing session and the presenters were some of the best I have experienced. They did such a great job at maintaining focus on the top and redirecting when a participant steered from the focus. I was incredibly impressed with how well they handled the situation."

  • "I think this was the best workshop I've ever attended! I hope that in the future, this can be used to help align my management's stated goals with their structure, because a hierarchical management structure that reinforces privilege, inequity, and dominance/subordination cannot coexist with equity and inclusion, and to pretend so is hypocrisy."

  • "I am so grateful for the eyeopening insights shared and the impact it had on me personally. I appreciate being more aware and informed of the racial issues that are effecting our country and people of all races. Thank you for how and what you presented!"

  • "I really appreciate this training and knowledge provided. This really opened my eyes to a better way of thinking. It made me realize that everything I was taught from school and my parents were not accurate. Having a biracial daughter, I have tools to use to teach her. Thank you so much!"

  • "This was a very enlightening training. LaMont and Evan are two of the best presenters I have ever had for trainings. Keep up the good work!"

  • "Thank you LaMont and Evan for such an amazing Racial Equity lesson. I honestly feel that your vulnerability and meeting people with that vulnerability taught me so much and a new way to meet someone when we do not agree on this topic. I want to center equity in all that I do and this training will always be in my thoughts. Thank you!"

  • "I love the space that was provided to speak safely, and the immense amount of knowledge where I can actually say I've actually learned some things I did not know about."